Casting Shadows, Preclass

In this intermediate course, supplies are up to the student; if the prerequisite Drawing 101 course has been taken, the same supplies will easily suffice – but students may use whatever medium desired to create sketches.

The instructor will use a variety of media, and students may decide after watching a lesson that they’d like to purchase those tools – and that’s fine as well! A few demonstrations will be done in watercolor and Copic marker – but pencil sketches are perfectly fine.

NOTE: In each lesson, a short example of a stamped usage of the lesson’s technique will be shown; videos are not complete tutorials and do not show the coloring of the full piece, only the shadows added. Copic colors are not included in these short examples. Stamps used are linked within each lesson, but are not included in this supply list, as they are NOT needed; any similar stamps can be used, or other scenes created with the lighting example.


You do NOT need all these items – and you can use other drawing tools at your disposal. (You may wish to see some in action before deciding if you want to try them yourself.) This isn’t a technique class with any medium, but you’ll see a variety in use.

 Join Paint-my-photo

You’ll need to go set up a free account at PMP, and read the TOU. In each lesson, a linked folder is set up at PMP with not only the photo(s) used for class, but additional examples of the same type of lighting. Studying those photos will help to internalize your knowledge, so be sure to go check them out!

If you find other photos at PMP that match the type of lighting, please leave links in the comments on that lesson here, so other students can find them – and we can add them to the photo album for that lesson as well!