Autumn Leaves (Copic): PreClass

Welcome to class! In this lesson we’ll discuss supplies needed for the course. If you’re an intermediate to advanced colorist you may have all you need!


The paper utilized for this course is up to the student – you can use your favorite. However it’s demonstrated on a toned paper, which can cause both challenges (colors are duller), and opportunities (add pencil for a real POP of contrast)!

The demonstrations in the lessons are done on Neenah Environment Desert Storm – you can get it by the ream or in 25-sheet increments.

Copic markers

While there are specific colors used in the demonstration – you can use whatever colors you would like! The great thing about leaves is that they can be all kinds of colors! Make notes about what colors you specifically liked in combinations so you can use them later.

If you’d like to use the swatch sheet seen in the video, click HERE.

  • Marker List:
  • Y06 – Yellow
  • Y17 – Golden Yellow
  • YR16 – Apricot
  • YR23 – Yellow Ochre
  • YR24 – Pale Sepia
  • YR07 – Cadmium Orange
  • R24 – Prawn
  • R37 – Carmine
  • R89 – Dark Red
  • E17 – Reddish Brass
  • E39 – Leather
  • E49 – Dark Bark
  • YR27 – Tuscan Orange
  • YG03 – Yellow Green,
  • YG17 – Grass Green
  • W6 – Warm Gray No. 6
  • W4 – Warm Gray No. 4
  • W2 – Warm Gray No. 2

Colored Pencils

If you are able to achieve small details with your markers – rock on! But if you want to add that little “sparkle” to your work, add a little bit of pencil; grab a few colors that are just slightly brighter than the markers you’ll be using; you don’t want to entirely cover any leaf in pencil (then you might as well create it in pencil!) but the additional details achieved can make your art pop. A few suggested colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green

Housekeeping details

Once purchased, you’ll need to click “Mark complete” on this lesson and then on each one as you go – after doing so, the next lesson will be able to be viewed.

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