Olo Hex Chart


Purchase a downloadable hex chart for Olo alcohol markers (updated with May 2024 colors) – included are both a blank one to color with your own markers, and a completed one to print for reference. See below for tips to use the chart.


The Olo Hex Chart (Updated with new colors May 2024) is an excellent aid to colorists because of the color arrangement in visual order - not numerical. The chart makes marker selections more visually instinctive, allowing the artist to see appropriate and sometimes surprising blending colors a few blocks away on the chart. The process of scanning, digitizing, and printing alters color, and your monitor and printer are different than the one this is calibrated for, but the color chart is still a great help. Included in the Hex Chart PDF:

  • One page blank chart to print onto alcohol marker-friendly paper and hand color
  • One page chart pre-colored for reference

NO PHYSICAL CHART WILL BE MAILED. After the purchase, go to your account downloads while on a laptop (phones cannot store files) or follow the link in the email that is sent to you.


COLOR SELECTION: Find colors to blend with your selected hue by looking 2-5 spaces away from the initial color to locate a light and dark. SHOPPING: Save money by avoiding purchasing colors that are very near to each other. Fill in gaps in your marker collection by seeing what you already have. TRACKING: Print a separate chart on copier paper and mark off colors you have reinkers for.


  • If you have trouble finding a color's location, open the PDF and do a text search for that color number.
  • Color a new chart every year or two, especially if you leave yours out on your desk. Alcohol markers are not lightfast.
  • If Olo adds at least 20 colors to the line, a new chart will be issued for free to previous purchasers and will be available by simply re-downloading.
  • If you run out of downloads, just email and more will be added for you.
  • For usage tips see the How to Use a Hex Chart class.

This chart was not created nor endorsed by Olo, but they did send the markers so the chart could be created.


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