Flower Power 2020


Come together with a group of crafty friends to make beautiful floral cards in a class with a mission: sharing JOY! Six instructors will inspire you with ideas for creating gorgeous cards with varied mediums, from Copics to watercolors, inking, pencils, and more! Class is FREE with qualifying purchase from Ellen Hutson (see details below), or for a $10 fee that will be donated to World Central Kitchen! See more info below!

This is a different class from the usual here on this site….and we hope you’ll enjoy this one!
As the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic brought life to a halt for many businesses, a group of friends wanted to come together to not only provide inspiration for all our crafty friends, but to help out a business owner we all love – Ellen Hutson! This class focuses on her stamps and dies – paired with our favorite coloring mediums to make fabulous and encouraging cards!

Cost options:

  • There are two ways to sign up for this class for FREE:
    • purchase any one of the six main flower stamp sets from Ellen Hutson’s shop, and forward your emailed receipt to flowerpower@art-classes.com
    • purchase $75 worth of supplies (related to or unrelated to this class) from Ellen Hutson’s shop, and forward your emailed receipt to flowerpower@art-classes.com
    • You will receive an emailed reply within a few hours with a single use coupon code, which you can apply to your cart here on this site to “buy” the class for free! (Please be patient, these will be handled manually…I’m aiming for turnaround within a day!)
  • To sign up for this class without a purchase:
    • Purchase for $10 – and the ENTIRE $10 will be donated to World Central Kitchen as they continue to help hungry families around the world in this challenging time. Access to class will be immediate.
  • To DOUBLE the benefit:
    • purchase stamps and supplies from Ellen Hutson AND pay the $10….you’ll support a small crafty business AND World Central Kitchen! That’ll mean immediate access to the class.

Class topics and instructors:

There are 104 minutes of instruction….PLUS 16 MORE videos included from the instructors’ YT channels with more ideas for each stamp set! 

  1. No-line Copic Amaryllis by Sandy Allnock 
  2. Mixed Medium Chrysantheums  by Therese Calvird 
  3. Clean and Simple Squeeze the Day cards by Julie Ebersole 
  4. Mondo Wildflowers Watercoloring with Inks  by Carissa Wiley 
  5. Mondo Succulents and Modern Succulents by Lisa Spangler
  6. Mondo Oak Leaf by Carly Minner
  7. Latte Love Floral Bouquets – by Sandy Allnock 

Video preview of class:

In this video, see who’s teaching, the cards the instructors have made…and more about how the class works:

Qualifying stamps for free class:

Purchase any one of these primary stamps or dies used in class (dies are not always used but are included for your convenience), prior purchases do not qualify for the free class. Click through to the “Meet the Instructors” page below to see FULL supply lists for each card – you may wish to use those lists especially if you want to qualify for the free class by making a $75 purchase!




Meet your instructors – and see supply lists!


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