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This course is an intermediate study of the way light interacts with objects. We begin with the “science” or “math” of triangulating from light sources – but most of the class is about making shadows simply believeable. (ie Architects may find the demonstrated shadows do not meet detailed specifications!) 

Each lesson contains a Concept video to introduce a particular type of light/shadow; a Demonstration video to show its application in a piece of art; and a Stamped example. The latter shows *just* the shadow portion of the image, these are not actual tutorials, but they do show how that kind of light can be utilized in context of a stamped card scene. (See preview in the video below.)

The nearly four hours of video content is accompanied by PDF downloads for each lesson, as well as a folder with a number of photos for students to choose from for creating their lesson homework. A free account at PMP is required. 

  • Introductory Level
  • Nearly 4 hours of video instruction
  • Supplies are found in the free preview lesson
  • Language: English

The lessons can be viewed anytime and at your leisure; there are hours of instruction that you can watch again and again for years to come:

  • Preclass: Supplies (3 min) (FREE)
  • Lesson 1: Believability (33 min)
  • Lesson 2: Long shadows (22 min)
  • Lesson 3: Bounced light (15 min)
  • Lesson 4: Creating distance (21 min)
  • Lesson 5: Implied Shadows (15 min)
  • Lesson 6: Shadows on Shapes (25 min)
  • Lesson 7: Interior Shadows (22 min)
  • Lesson 8: Multiple Surfaces (27 min)
  • Lesson 9: Altering Shadows (23 min)
  • Lesson 10: Casting Light (23 min)

The free Preclass Lesson contains the supplies recommended for this class.

Course Content

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