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  • 30 Days to More Confident Sketching

    To become a better artist, spend a little time each day sketching for 30 days to see your skills grow quickly! Doable and entertaining sketches using just pencil in…

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  • Bible Journaling 101

    In this course, a basic overview of what Bible journaling is – and the art mediums that will and won’t work – are covered, to get your journey with…

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  • Colored Pencil Jumpstart

    Understand and appreciate your colored pencils in entirely new ways – study color theory as well as techniques that will increase your artistic skills! Fine artists and crafters have…

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  • Copic Jumpstart

    Learn to understand Copic markers, color theory, and techniques to raise your game as a Copic colorist! Appropriate for stampers, but fine artists have loved this class – drawing…

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  • Drawing 101: Form, Depth, and Volume

    Foundations of drawing are a big part of becoming a success at painting and other mediums. Even if you’ve never drawn a thing – you can learn! It’s a…

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  • Landscape Foundations: Watercolor Trees I

    Landscape Foundations classes approach elements needed for landscape watercolor painting, beginning with this course all about painting single trees in simple settings. These classes will build skills to group…

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  • Watercolor Jumpstart

    Watercolor Jumpstart class is an excellent start to a watercolor journey – or a supplement to one already begun!

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