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  • Bible Journaling 101

    Creative worship – making art in your Bible – can, for many of us, be a relaxing and spiritual experience. For others – it does nothing but add stress….

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  • Copic Jumpstart

    Whether you’re new to Copic markers – or have years of experience under your belt – this class will help you understand the markers: how to choose them and…

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  • Drawing 101: Form, Depth, and Volume

    Foundations of drawing are a big part of becoming a success at painting and other mediums. Even if you’ve never drawn a thing – you can learn! It’s a…

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  • Exploring Watercolor

    One of the most relaxing mediums to watch is watercolor….the way the paint moves through the water can be positively mesmerizing! But one of the most frustrating activities for…

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  • One Fish, Two Fish

    In this course, you’ll work through two paintings suitable for framing! Taught in real-time, each pass of the process is broken into a separate video with drying time between….

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  • One Rose Four Ways

    This intermediate class explores one photograph in four mediums – drawing in black and white, colored pencil, Copic marker, and watercolor. Intermediate Level Recommended Prerequisites: Drawing 101, Colored Pencil…

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  • Paintalong Watercolor Landscapes (Free Course)

    Painting watercolor scenes can be a relaxing way to unwind after a long day. Set aside some quality time to paint in your own studio, or at your dining room…

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  • Seeing the Scriptures: Visual Interpretation of God’s Word

    Worship: reverent honor and homage paid to God; how we respond, speak, and act in response to God’s love for us. Creative worship: add drawing, painting, dancing, pottery, poetry…

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  • Typography for Bible Journalers

    Typography for Bible Journalers class celebrates our own handwriting – helping us to clean it up a little and learn some design techniques for laying out text on our…

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