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  • Autumn Leaves – Copic

    Learn to color fall leaves in Copic marker on toned paper – in three hours of video!

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  • Blue Skies: Watercolor and Copic

    Learn how to create the same scenes in both watercolor and Copic marker by purchasing both classes together! In each intermediate class, lessons will teach techniques for painting blue…

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  • Clearly Copic: Coloring Glass

    This advanced Copic marker class teaches ten different glass images —line drawings are provided, or students may sketch their own glass objects to apply the techniques taught in class.

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  • Copic Coloring: Human Rainbow I

    The “human rainbow” is a celebration of the diversity of ethnicities – and an initiative begun by instructor Sandy Allnock to encourage people to go beyond typical coloring of…

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  • Copic Hex Art

    Once conquering the basics of Copic markers, it’s time to dive in and learn how to use different marker application techniques to advance your art skills! In this class…

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  • Copic Jumpstart

    Learn to understand Copic markers, color theory, and techniques to raise your game as a Copic colorist! Appropriate for stampers, but fine artists have loved this class – drawing…

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  • Mini Copic Course: Autumn Scenes

    In this intermediate Copic Marker class, 5 lessons will teach techniques for coloring a wide variety of fall scenes. Each lesson builds upon the last, developing skills that lead…

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  • Mini Copic Course: Blue Skies

    Note: this course is also available paired with the Watercolor version as a Combination Course at a discount. In this intermediate Copic Marker class, 5 lessons will teach techniques for coloring…

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  • Mini Copic Course: City Sidewalks

    Learn to draw some wintry city-and-country scenes in this mini course! A bit of drawing will be a help – but you can substitute stamps if desired. Some stamped…

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