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If you haven’t visited in a while, below is a snapshot of what’s newest on the site. Along with its backstory!

I do hope you’ll find something that inspires you – and that will help you find that creativity built deep within you!


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Learn to create your own seamless patterns using Art Impressions stamps and distress inks! Use the same templates to design countless new patterns of your very own as well.


Tulip Basket Sketches

In this non-traditional “class” (it has no lessons with videos, just a PDF), follow 9 pages of tips to color sketches that you’ll print onto toned paper for gorgeous spring tulips! (No paper printouts are mailed.)


Market Street Sketches

Go for a walk on Market Street and create detailed buildings – learn to draw bricks, windows, dormers and doors, then watercolor them in a realistic way. All from provided templates that you can customize!


PowellsWood Sketches

Visit a suburban garden and learn to sketch flowers, plants, and even a creek with a waterfall! This Level 2 class (no prerequisite req’d) will teach you the basics of simple color mixing, brushstrokes, and line work with a pen. 


The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity.

– Dan Stevens

Animals and Fur series

In this “Drawing on Nature” series of courses, the first batch are animals – furry, young, and adorable!

A few features in these courses:

  1. Level 4 classes, expectation that students arrive with experience with markers
  2. Narrated 6.5 hours of lessons
  3. Real-time video! The time spent searching for markers is eliminated so times listed for each drawing are all-art.
  4. Copic color numbers are on-screen. Fine details added with a few colored pencils.
  5. Free conversion charts for Olo and Sketchmarker can be consulted for colors that are close
  6. Closed captioning
  7. Photo reference provided
  8. Sketches included, tracing is allowed

If you wish to learn all 10 animals, not only is there a hefty discount, but you’ll have a BONUS lesson: the bear cub, narrated, for a total of 11 drawings. (The bear is only available as part of the full course, not as a single lesson.)

Or choose your own adventure  and select animals below to add to your cart.

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Drawing on Nature: Animals and Fur (complete course)

Draw all ten animals plus a bonus bear in this full course!


Choose Your Own Adventure from ten Animal And Fur lessons

Select the animals you’d like to learn to draw, and take advantage of these savings by adding the coupon you need at checkout.

Note: if you enjoy your first drawings and want to purchase the full course, just email and I’ll refund your first two after you purchase the full set.

Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Wolf


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Chipmunk


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Goat


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Fox


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Lamb


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Fawn


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Mouse


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Beaver


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Duckling


Drawing on Nature – Animals and Fur: Rabbit


Stay tuned for more classes to come!

New courses are added every 4-6 weeks or so, rotating between various mediums; stop by again to see what’s new!