Watercolor Bouquets I

In this Level 3/4 course, learn a wide variety of techniques for watercolor with beautiful spring floral bouquets! Over 4 hours of extensive narrated instruction to create thumbnail sketches and learn to make plans for your painting.


Fresh Brew (Alcohol Marker)

In this alc0hol marker course, you’ll learn to draw and color three realistic coffee cups. You’ll learn to start assessing not just colors that you see, but values. Shapes of shadows and reflections. Plus have a fantastic time!


Bookish Printable

This printable package comes with a JPG to resize, but also a PDF with the blackline and tinted “no line” versions, plus a fully colored one you can use for inspiration. Color one up for your local library or bookstore!


YouCan Toucan

Learn to color three beautiful toucans that you can use for all your colorful art projects! Taught in colored pencil, water-based marker, and alcohol marker. A percentage of profits is donated to save rainforests!


Private: Beary Good Friends Printable (with free course!)

When you purchase this printable of a bear sharing snacks with a little bird, you’ll also receive a 4-lesson course for free! Taught in colored pencil and alcohol marker. A portion of proceeds benefits Polar Bears International.


Arctic Bear Watercolor

Learn to paint the polar bear – following a sketch and realtime narrated video instruction. Fabulous techniques and explanations will help you paint better! A portion of proceeds benefits Polar Bears International.


New in color studies


Support those undergoing recovery from natural disaster! 100% of funds will be donated to the currently-most-urgent situation each week. Please feel free to color yours and share with your friends online so they can join this effort to support communities who need us! A percentage of profits benefits World Central Kitchen.



In this color course, learn all about ways to use the Hex Charts for alcohol markers or colored pencils to choose the right colors! Includes discussion of color theory as we examine photos and learn terminology like hue, value, saturation, temperature, and more.


Newest watercolor/gouache courses

Looking for something fresh and new to inspire you?

Green Thumb Watercolor Sketches

Get the sketches from Sandy’s watercolor paper test series as they are developed – and use them to practice the skills she teaches for each plant. 


Watercolor Butterflies

Learn techniques to mix watercolor on the paper, layering colors, and much more as you create three lovely butterfly paintings.


Gouache Jumpstart

Dip your toes into gouache, an opaque watercolor! Learn the basics of the product, color theory. mixing, and create a sketchbook full of techniques to launch you into a fun painting adventure!