I’m Sandy – and I’m an eclectic all-around creative nerd! I think of myself as “an artist whose art doesn’t matter”….it’s the response of my students that gives me my greatest sense of joy and accomplishment.

Instructor Sandy Allnock

“I exist to see people released into the God-given creativity already inside them.”

Sandy Allnock

I love just about any art medium, and using them for fine art or crafts – and I simply love to push them beyond where others might consider possible. That makes me a lifelong student that way, constantly experimenting to find new techniques!

I provide virtual class experiences that equip you to see yourself as an artist no matter your medium and outcome…. and encourage you to use the talents God has given you to express yourself!

My Philosophy

I believe that art makes us whole and healthy as human beings, and is as necessary a daily activity as breathing. Making art relaxes the mind and body, stimulates the imagination, and releases dreams of a hopeful future.

  • I believe everyone is naturally creative.
  • I believe that life is an adventure filled with untapped creativity.
  • I believe that art has the power to transform the world.
  • I believe that we have a responsibility to impact our world for good wherever we can.

We create new realities as we draw and paint, allowing new thoughts and ideas to bubble up. Problems arising in other areas of life can be mysteriously solved while the mind focuses in a different area; new connections between ideas are made visually when otherwise inaccessible.

Though I teach in traditional mediums, my definition of art is broad. Visual arts are joined by more unexpected forms of creativity: flower arranging, cooking, sewing, decorating. I even have a friend whose spreadsheets are a work of art, making data sing until it explains the way things work!
Whether fine art or crafting, a masterpiece or a doodle, art is a necessity for us all.

My Motivation

Many tell me they “wish” they could draw/paint/create — “I’m just not creative.” With every fiber of my being, I challenge that assumption. I believe that people can tap into more creativity than they dreamt was possible. I believe that the very act of making art heals wounds, multiplies joy, and celebrates life.
I know that every person can create, with time, practice, and most often: discovery of the right medium. No one is alike, and there is a reason art is called a journey; it is a path where twists and turns carry us along to try new things, some with success and some without. When we think “art,” we must be open to all creative options before us, and challenge ourselves to keep searching.

Since childhood, I have tried to emulate those who inspired me to continue in my art journey, and help others grow in their art. I have seen hundreds of students experience that “lightbulb” moment when their paper birthed a work of art; my highlights as an art teacher are those moments when a student suddenly sees themselves as an artist…and I hope to provide that for many more people.


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