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Perhaps you’re new around here. If so, hi! My name is Sandy Allnock and I’m the instructor around here. This is a one-person operation, so if you find something you’ve got a question about, know that you’ll get a reply from me!

On this page you’ll find some free courses and resources located here on this website – as well as a few very inexpensive ones. Why am I giving so much away? To give you a taste of what you’ll find once you’re in a class! You can see my teaching style and decide if it’s for you. No harm no foul if not, there’s plenty of teachers out there.

If you’d like to get to know a little more about me and my background, read up on my creative and teaching philosophy here.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

– Maya Angelou

Free courses

Check out my teaching style as well as the platform this site is built on! Note: if you do not accept cookies, videos won’t always play correctly.

Paintalong Watercolor Landscapes

Paint along with Sandy when she was a year into her watercolor journey – learn some beginnger tips and tricks and wet your feet and begin your own adventure!

40 Days of prayer and fasting

Bible journalers can walk through a 40 day season anytime of year with the timed release of daily art inspiration, Scripture, and sometimes video

Designing holiday card backgrounds

A collection of Sandy’s holiday card videos on YouTube – all organized to help skills build on the foundation of the one before. Get your seasonal cards going!

“My Virtual Studio” class

This course is SO free that it just shows up in your account when you create one, how’s that for magic?

The lessons are divided by mediums and concepts, and include the supplies used by the instructor for each one, and tips on using them. Sandy drew all her supplies in a sketchbook – and that’s how the class is organized. Pretty epic!

If you’ve ever had a question about any of them, the answer might just be there for you, so check your account and scroll through to learn a bit about materials!

No need to sign up. Just log in and check your course list!

What do the LEVEL numbers mean?

Classes are designated 1-5 here. If you’re not sure what kind of class is for you, tap on the hexagon to see what’s expected at each level.

Mystery Grid

This Mystery Grid is a throwback to Sandy’s childhood when she loved puzzle books and got a thrill when one of these “grids” showed up in one. It’s how she grew to understand how the grid method works for transferring a photo or sketch into a larger size on a piece of paper—and you can download this one to try out! Instructions are in the PDF. Great project for young artists, too!


For the kids

We don’t leave out the littles here at Art Classes! Pick something that’ll inspire them to create!

Drawing Dogs and Cats

Kids love animals – so get them a new box of crayons and a registration to class. It’ll keep them busy for hours!


Understanding color

There’s nothing like starting a child out with a good foundation. Color wheels and exercises will help them all their life.


Creative self-portraits

Taught in several fun and creative mediums, kids can learn to make self portraits – even using a photo of themselves to do so!


My inexpensive courses at Artventure

Artventure is a free social community run by Sandy—it’s great for sharing your work, getting feedback, answering questions, and keeping up with all that’s going on.

It’s also the location of a few “snack” classes – short, inexpensive courses! You’ll register for them at Artventure (not here), which can be accessed via the web or by downloading the Mighty Networks app from the Apple store or Google Play.

Clean and simple trees

Make the quickest, cutest trees you’ve ever made in watercolor, alcohol marker, and pencil.


Watercolor pencil leaves

Use powdered watercolor pencil and leaves from your garden for spectacular results.


Tiny Tutorials

Learn from over 100 pictorial tutorials – techniques, product info, and inspiration!


Free downloadable art charts

All these are free – just tap on whichever you’d like to add to your cart!

FREE blending group charts for your alcohol markers

These free blending charts with suggestions for a few trios are a great companion to your hex chart:

Copic Blending groups

Olo Blending Groups

Sketchmarker Blending Groups

Free conversion charts and more for alcohol markers

Translate Copic colors into Sketchmarker or Olo and take a class or follow a tutorial!

Sketchmarker/Copic Conversion Chart

Olo/Copic Conversion Chart

Blank swatch sheets

Copic colors for black hair

Human Rainbow collection

Other free charts

These free charts are yours….enjoy!

Watercolor marker conversion chart

Pen and ink technique chart

Brusho powdered watercolor chart

Dr Ph martins hydrus liquid watercolor chart

zig clean color real brush marker labels

Daniel Smith half Pan set swatch paintings

Printables to color

Check the Printables page for inexpensive images you can download, print on your own paper, and color to your heart’s content!

Stay tuned for more free and inexpensive courses and resources!

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