Frequently Asked Questions

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Class Basics

Hopefully your class purchase was transferred to this site. Log in with the same email you used to purchase the class, click on “forgot password” to get instructions on setting a new password here. Then you’ll log into your profile page where you can see all your info and access purchased classes.
The best place to navigate to all your classes, orders, wishlist, and account information is your profile.
Most classes on this site can be appropriate for both. Your instructor sees crafters as artists – and hopes to help all who create to see themselves as wonderfully creative human beings on a journey. Some exercises in some classes may involve coloring stamped images, or practice paintings at a size appropriate for a greeting card. And some don’t involve stamps at all. See each class syllabus for specific information.
Forever! Or until the internet ends! Your classes will remain active whenever you are logged in, so you can check them out anytime.
The plan is to have at least one beginner, intermediate, and advanced class in each medium. Since this site was started in 2017, it’ll take a little while for that to be completed.
While prerequisites are not “policed” (ie we do not prevent purchases of higher level classes), it is recommended to take them in order. Terms, concepts, and art theory from beginner classes may be used in intermediate and advanced lessons, and won’t necessarily be explained again. If you take a higher level class and come upon ideas you want to learn, you can go back and take previous classes.
You can use whatever supplies you wish for classes, though results won’t always be the same as those taught. However, we’ve been told that many students have learned much from classes while using other brands, and you may certainly try that. It’s also possible that you can take a class and only purchase colors you want as the lessons come up and you see what one color combination does vs another; taking classes can help guide your future purchase decisions.

About learning

In the black bar at the top of the site, click on “YOUR COURSES” and navigate to the class you wish to view. Go to the “CURRICULUM” tab and click the first lesson.
Unfortunately the forum widget has not been functioning so has been disabled. Please feel free to email questions, or ask on instagram, facebook, or on Sandy’s blog.
Nope! There’s nothing live in that kind of way; if the word “live” is ever used, it usually means “go live” – as in when a new class lesson is published.

Account Management

If you signed up for a class or created a user account over at, those were transferred here. No passwords were brought over, so sign in with your email and then click “FORGOT PASSWORD” – then check your email.
Yes, having an account is the way to access your classes. Please know that we do not sell or share ANY of your private information with anyone.
Know that emails you receive are only class-related ones. (Including future coupon codes. So you won’t want to miss out.) But as for any email list on the internet, scroll to the bottom of that email and click on “unsubscribe” or “manage subscriptions” to edit lists or remove yourself entirely. By law, an “unsubscribe” link is mandatory; if a company does not provide that, contact them directly to request removal.
Go to your profile to edit your password or account details. If you are not logged in, then click on “Forgot Password” when you attempt log-in.

Purchases and Refunds

Log in and go to your profile page where all your purchases will be listed.
Email with:
1) the class you’d like to purchase
2) the name and email of the recipient
3) your PayPal email address for billing
You’ll receive a PayPal invoice for the cost of class, and an account will be set up with the class for your recipient.
Type your coupon code in the box at checkout.
Email with an explanation of your situation.
They were all manually entered here, and some errors are expected – please email using the form below and we’ll get you taken care of.
If your payment was made through Paypal by e-check, that takes a few days to clear. If that’s not what happened, please use the form below to let us know what happened.
Those are not classes – so they’re sold over on my blog as usual. Click HERE.

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