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Skill levels

It’s a personal decision – there’s no test in art to determine what you’re able to handle. However, view the list on THIS page and it may help guide you through the five levels of classes here.

Category: Skill levels

In each medium, there are “Jumpstart” classes….those are recommended to learn the foundations of application of the medium, color theory, and basics of shading.

Category: Skill levels

While prerequisites are not “policed” (ie we do not prevent purchases of higher level classes), it is recommended to take them in order. Terms, concepts, and art theory from beginner classes may be used in intermediate and advanced lessons, and won’t necessarily be explained again. If you take a higher level class and come upon ideas you want to learn, you can always go back and take previous classes.

Category: Skill levels

The plan is to have a progression of classes in each medium. Since this site was started in 2017, it’ll take a little while for that to be filled in but I’m getting there.

Category: Skill levels

Most classes on this site can be appropriate for both! Your instructor sees crafters as artists – and hopes to help all who create to see themselves as wonderfully creative human beings on a journey.

Stampers: many stamps go out of production over time, so classes here have begun to take that into account. Classes may have downloadable images to work with, templates to trace, or instruction on how to draw simple images yourself. You can always look through your own stamp collection to see what you have that would work with the technique in the lesson.

Fine artists: Some exercises in some classes involve coloring stamped images, or practice paintings at a size appropriate for a greeting card. Adapt the assignment as you wish!

Category: Skill levels

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