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Course basics

Log in and click on “My courses” in the menu bar.

Nope! There’s nothing live in that kind of way; if the word “live” is ever used, it usually means “go live” – as in when a new class lesson is published. Occasionally the instructor will do a Facebook Live video but those are always available as replays too.

Category: Course basics

Absolutely! As many times as you wish.

You can ask questions on each lesson post. But you may find it more helpful to join our community in our Student Facebook Group and share your work, your struggles, and your victories with fellow artists on the same journey. The instructor reads all the questions in both places – but there are also monthly prize drawings for those uploading homework, so that’s a fun way to share!

Category: Course basics

Unfortunately, no. Some of the class videos were stolen by students and uploaded to YouTube previously, so we had to make the decision to keep them viewable only on the website.

Click on “My Courses” in the menu bar. If you only see “Preclass” lesson, be sure you’re logged in; if you are and still cannot view the content, email and we’ll take care of it!

Category: Course basics

You can use whatever supplies you wish for classes, though results won’t always be the same as those taught. However, we’ve been told that many students have learned much from classes while using other brands, and you may certainly try that. It’s also possible that you can take a class and only purchase colors you want as the lessons come up and you see what one color combination does vs another; taking classes can help guide your future purchase decisions.

Category: Course basics

Forever! Or until the internet ends! Your classes will remain active whenever you are logged in, so you can check them out anytime.

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