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About classes

What level class am I in?

It’s a personal decision – there’s no test in art to determine what you’re able to handle. However, view the list on the Levels page and it may help guide you through the five levels of classes here.

Which class is recommended to get started?

In each medium, there are “Jumpstart” classes….those are recommended to learn the foundations of application of the medium, color theory, and basics of shading.

Do I need to take prerequisite classes if I am experienced?

While prerequisites are not “policed” (ie we do not prevent purchases of higher level classes), it is recommended to take them in order. Terms, concepts, and art theory from beginner classes may be used in intermediate and advanced lessons, and won’t necessarily be explained again. If you take a higher level class and come upon ideas you want to learn, you can always go back and take previous classes.

Where do I see class content?

Click on “My Courses” in your account. If you only see “Preclass” lesson, be sure you’re logged in.

Will there be more classes in my medium at another experience level?

The plan is to have a progression of classes in each medium. Since this site was started in 2017, it’ll take a little while for that to be filled in but I’m getting there.

Are videos closed captioned?

Recent technology automatically started adding CC to videos – so all recent classes have closed captioning.

Jumpstart class videos (all media) were reuploaded to take advantage of this option. Yay! If you’re hearing impaired or need captions due to language differences, please use the form below to request a class have CC added; I’ll get to it as time allows.

If you find any glaring weird things or discrepancies, please let me know, you never know what the robot hears!

Do I have to be online at a particular time to view content?

Nope! There’s nothing “live” in that kind of way; if the word “live” is ever used, it usually means “go live” – as in when a new class lesson is published. Occasionally the instructor will create additional live content on the Artventure Network, but that will be viewable as a replay later.

Are some classes meant for crafters, and others for fine artists?

Most classes on this site are designed to be appropriate for both! Your instructor sees crafters as artists – and hopes to help all who create to see themselves as wonderfully creative human beings on a journey.

Stampers: many stamps go out of production over time, so classes here have begun to take that into account. Classes may have downloadable images to work with, templates to trace, or instruction on how to draw simple images yourself. You can always look through your own stamp collection to see what you have that would work with the technique in the lesson.

Fine artists: Some exercises in some classes involve coloring stamped images, or practice paintings at a size appropriate for a greeting card. Adapt the assignment as you wish!

How many times can I view my lessons?

As many times as you like!

How long do I have access to class content?

Forever! Or until the internet ends, or your instructor ends (she plans for this site to continue even after she retires one day.)

Your classes will remain active whenever you are logged in, so you can check them out anytime.

Can I download videos to watch later?

Unfortunately, no. Some of the class videos were stolen by students and uploaded to YouTube, so I had to make the decision to keep them viewable only on the website.

Where can I ask questions or share my homework?

A few options:

  • Join the Artventure Network, managed by Sandy, to upload work, ask questions, and be a part of the community. This is for all artists beyond students here; but you’ll find many other students there who share and learn too. Sandy hosts weekly Studio Hours for responding to questions in realtime but also monitors the network regularly for questions, and answers some in video format too.
  • You can ask questions by joining our community in our Student Facebook Group and share your work, your struggles, and your victories with fellow artists on the same journey.
  • Also you can email to ask whatever you’d like!


How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from your emails?

Subscribe to the website here. Emails you receive are only class-related ones. (Including sales. So you won’t want to miss out.)

A general note: for any email list for any site on the internet, scroll to the bottom of that email and click on “unsubscribe” or “manage subscriptions” to edit lists or remove yourself entirely. By law, an “unsubscribe” link is mandatory; if a company does not provide that, contact them directly to request removal.

    I’m concerned for my privacy. Do I have to set up an account?

    Yes, having an account is the way to access your classes and downloads. Please know that we do not sell or share ANY of your private information with anyone. And never will. And there’s a strong firewall around this website to keep what little data you provide safe.

      How do I delete my account?

      Just send an email; but know that any purchases made will be lost after that.

        Do you sell my contact info?

        Your email information is never shared with anyone for any reason. Frankly, I rarely remember to use any of my email lists, so you won’t get spammed. At the bottom of any email there’s a link to unsubscribe if you find you’re no longer interested.

        Troubleshooting classes

        When viewing courses, the place where the video should be is blank or not functioning.

        When this platform updated it changed a few things, so here’s what to check that you’ve accepted cookies. The site doesn’t function without them. If you need to bring the checkbox back, clear cache on your browser  and the box should return.

        I just purchased a class, and it didn't show up in my profile.

        Classes ought to show up right away. If not, there are a few possibilities:

        • If your payment was made through Paypal by e-check, that takes a few days to clear.
        • A new Paypal plugin has hiccups on 1% of orders, I’m in the support queue waiting to hear their solution. I can manually process your order, so just email.
        • Your order may be on hold because of a glitch, please email with a detailed explanation and I’ll work on figuring out what happened.

        I purchased a class on your other sites that aren't in my profile.

        2017 and before: When everything was moved over here, purchases weren’t all able to be auto-moved, and one class got eaten by the interwebs. If the item is a free one, you can order it again and then it’ll be in your account on this site. Please email and we’ll get you taken care of!

        Artventure classes: That’s a completely different website with a completely different log in. Your classes here can’t show up there, and classes there can’t show up here. 

        About supplies

        What is an affiliate link?

        “Affiliate” means I receive a small percentage when purchases are made using affiliate links. This is at no additional cost to you, but really helps defray the costs of supplies and equipment.

        Can I take classes without purchasing recommended art supplies?

        You can use whatever supplies you wish for classes, though results won’t always be the same as those taught. However, many students have learned much from classes while using other brands, and you may certainly try that. It’s also possible that you can take a class and only purchase colors you want as the lessons come up and you see what one color combination does vs another; taking classes can help guide your future purchase decisions.

        About charts and downloadables

        A chart I bought years ago isn't in my account.

        If you purchased a hex chart from the instructor’s blog, it needs to be manually moved over – just email me and I’ll get ya hooked up!

        Where are the EduDigis?

        Those are not classes so do not show up in your classes list; if you purchased anything on the instructors blog, email her to get fresh copies of those items.

        Is the hex chart I bought years ago still up to date?

        Two charts changed:

        • The Luminance Hex Chart was updated in 2021 with a few new colors. If you purchased it before then, you can download the new one in your account.
        • The Copic Hex chart was updated in 2022 but NOT for new colors or arrangement of colors; just for fonts. Because Sandy is a design nerd.

        The rest of the companies have not added colors since they were created. If only one or two colors are added there won’t be a new chart made, but if a decent number of colors need to be added, new charts will be made and available for download.

        To be notified of updates, subscribe to the website email list.

        How do I resize a printable?

        Place the image into a word processing program and resize. If dragging corners to resize that may distort the image; find the option to select the size by percentage so it will resize in proportion.

        Some printers have the ability to resize on the fly by percentage, or by telling the printer the paper size is different (ie tell it to resize for photo paper but while having regular size in the printer.

        Troubleshooting purchasing / accounts

        I can't get my purchase to go through.

        Lots of options for what might be happening:

        • Create an account first. Being logged in solves a number of problems.
        • Smart devices on certain browsers, from time to time, don’t work with WooCommerce (the platform here for purchasing). Try a computer for the purchase; you will be able to view lessons on your device.
        • If you’re in a country with no billing “code”, use zip or billing code 0000. I don’t know why but that usually works. (Items on this site are not shipped, so a real code isn’t important.)

        I had purchased a class but it seems to have disappeared.

        First, be certain you’re logged in with the email address you used to purchase the class. If it was a different account, they can be combined – just send an email to get it taken care of – be sure to provide both email addresses that you have used, and indicate which one you want to keep.

        I purchased a class or chart on Sandy's blog years ago – do I need to re-purchase here?

        Hopefully your class purchase has been transferred, but if not, just send an email and I’ll get you set right up.

        Hex chart purchases were not able to be transferred here en masse so send an email to request that to be done manually.

        Why does the site say an account with my email already exists?

        If you signed up for a class or created a user account years ago over at, most of those were transferred here. You may need to sign in with your email and then click “FORGOT PASSWORD” – then check your email for further instructions.

        How do I request a refund?

        Email with an explanation of your situation and I’ll do what I can to make it right. 🙂

        About the instructor

        What is Sandy's educational background?

        She attended Frostburg State University in Maryland, and graduated in 1986 with an art degree and concentration in Graphic Design. See more on this page.

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