Hey there papercrafter. How ya doing?

I’m Sandy. And I’m the teacher around here.

Many of you may know me from my YouTube channel and my long history of working in the craft industry. I cut my video teaching “teeth” using stamps!

I might have been one of the coloring instigators making scenes on cards. Lots of folks do that now, but when I started, I couldn’t find anyone who’d already done so, except in animé. Fortunately decades later, many more have begun creating context for stamps with scenes, and that makes my heart happy!

Classes developed for this site began with cardmaking in mind, but quickly branched out as more than crafters were interested. But so much of what’s here will help you make more awesome cards too!

I’ve collected just a few of the 100+ classes here that might be of special interest to crafters – I hope you find something that will inspire you! (Poke around the site, you might find more!)



Learn to create your own seamless patterns using Art Impressions stamps and distress inks! Use the same templates to design countless new patterns of your very own as well.


Tulip Basket Sketches

In this non-traditional “class” (it has no lessons with videos, just a PDF), follow 9 pages of tips to color sketches that you’ll print onto toned paper for gorgeous spring tulips! (No paper printouts are mailed.)


Get a jumpstart

The best way to learn the basics of any medium is at the beginning. Even if you’ve been using one of these already, I’ve heard from experienced crafters that they learned valuable info too! Each Jumpstart includes the basics of color theory, techniques, shading, and more.

Copic Jumpstart

This course can be taken with any brand of alcohol markers – just find similar colors in your brand, and learn color theory, technique, shading, and more!


Watercolor Jumpstart

Learn to create your own sketchbook – then fill it with color charts and technique tests that you’ll refer to throughout your watercolor journey.


Colored Pencil Jumpstart

Colored pencils are a great medium for coloring on cards – and you’ll not only make color charts but learn techniques with Purple Onion Designs stamps!


Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart

If you haven’t heard about stamping and watercolor – you’re in for a treat with Art Impressions watercolor stamps!


Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart

Learn some creative ways to use watercolor pencils, and take on just a little drawing by tracing along the way!


Whimsical Sketching Jumpstart

Want to try some pen and ink doodling for your cards? This course teaches fun and easy subjects to draw – for beginners!


If God meant for me to have a clean house, He never would have made me creative.

– unknown

Just the cards, ma’am.

(Jack Webb would approve.) The MOST card-specific classes. Not that the rest aren’t but, ya know.


The principles of design are taught in this class – from the rule of thirds to focal points – and even a new invention called “Scene bursting” so you can include your coloring skills! 


Watercolor Backgrounds

In a collection of 15 techniques, you’ll learn some backgrounds that’ll set the stage for sentiments, dies, stamped images and more – with beautiful color to bring cheer!


Stamped Watercolor Scenes

After the Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart class, where to go? How about this intermediate mini class where scenes are built from both stamps and drawn lines!


All season watercolor cards

No time for a class for each season? In this intermediate mini class, learn one for each season of the year and get busy covering all your card needs year round!



Flowers are the most popular subject in the crafting world – it’s time to learn to color the stamps…but also how to draw our own beautiful flowers!

Realistic Flowers (Pencil)

Learn to shade five flowers in detail – in a class that includes the digital images, a $25 value! (Flowers are different than the Alcohol Marker class.)


Realistic Flowers (COPIC)

Color five beautiful flowers in detail – in a class that includes the digital images, a $25 value! (Flowers are different than the Colored Pencil class.)


Branching Out (WC)

This course teaches watercolor leaves that would be just lovely on cards – well worth learning some water management and layering of pigments too!


Copic wildflowers I

In this exciting “Look ma, no stamps!” class, begin with blank paper and turn it into your own wildflower card design! (PS Yes you CAN do this.)


Copic wildflowers II

Not enough flowers in the first class? Time for another! Let’s create another set of five beautiful wildflower cards and save buying stamps to do it!


Wash and Ink

Learn to add some pen and ink doodles to a splash of watercolor – your paintings will gain new life and your cards will turn into fully handmade creations.


Colorful Classes

There are those days when we just. need. to. chill. Make something lovely. And play.

Copic Hex Art

Fill a hexagon chart with freehanded techniques for textures and elements that can be used for many of your card scenes in the future!


Imaginary creatures

Follow simple instructions and sketches to create these whimsical “polaroids” – wouldn’t these be adorable on birthday cards? 



Techniques in this class would be fun backgrounds for cards – throwing on color in any medium and doodling to create a design of your own!


Ethereal Alcohol Ink Jumpstart

Relying on blown air, the techniques in this class show off the power of transparency in alcohol inks. 


Terrestrial Alcohol Ink Jumpstart

Did you know alcohol ink can also be textured? Learn to create pieces that look like amazing topo maps!


How do you know a cardmaker loves you? She pulls out the good cardstock.

Enchanting alcohol marker scenes

Add a touch of magic with your alcohol markers. 

Copic Enchantment

Take a garden scene to the next level in this class! Slimline (long and thin or tall and thin) cards can have stamped images easily added to the magical forests and gardens taught in this class.


Winter Copic Enchantment

Wintertime is no time for the magic to end – learn to make wintry cards full of snow, trees, caves, and more that you can use for holiday cards, winter birthdays, or just thinking of you messages to send out!


Mini Scene Classes

Mini courses were developed primarily for crafters: they’re taught mostly at A2 size, Level 3 (intermediate), and all with stamped images in mind. Your biggest problem? Choosing which to take first!


Underwater Scenes (COPIC)

Learn five scenes to color in alcohol markers that will give homes to your fish, whales, and mermaids!


Underwater Scenes (WC)

Paint watercolor scenes for your sharks, surfers, scuba divers for the perfect cards to send to friends and family all summer.


Underwater Scenes (Pencil)

Are you in need of new techniques for undersea stamped cards? These fun backgrounds will make your crafting a lot more fun!



Rainy Days (WC)

Learn how to paint rainy scenes in watercolor with beautiful techniques that can enhance stamps or stand alone on the front of a card.


Rainy Days (ALCOHOl marker)

Get out your alcohol markers on a rainy day and bring that weather into your studio! Well not literally, but make some cards to tell someone you miss them, at least!


Rainy Days (Pencil)

Colored pencil can create rainy scenes worthy of your most darling stamps. Make someone’s day by coloring a card with a background handcrafted by you.




Children’s books often have simple, clean imagery – which are easily creatable in alcohol markers. These may be perfect for your latest stamp purchase!


STORYBOOK (pencil)

The soft look of colored pencil is one that can give a card scene a dreamy look. Learn techniques to create cute scenes for all those cute stamps in your stash!


STORYBOOK Camping scenes

Summertime is for sitting around the campfire telling stories! Make scenes that are reminiscent of your own adventures out in the wilderness.



Island Time (COpic)

Visit the islands from the comfort of your home studio! Learn to create gorgeous scenes to set off your summer cards. Swimsuit optional, eh?


Star Light Star Bright 

Dedicate yourself to working on painting skills daily for a month – then compare where you started with where you wound up. You’ll be amazed!


Galactic watercolor

Create epic watercolor skies in a galaxy far far away! Send a rocketship stamp out to space – or perhaps you’ll love your sky enough to just add a sentiment!


Blue Skies – Watercolor

In this course you’ll learn five techniques for creating lovely skies behind your stamped images. Learn about softening edges, blending, and more!


Blue Skies – Alcohol Marker

On your next card, delight your recipient by giving a stamped image “atmosphere” by way of a sky full of pretty clouds!


Sunrise Sunset – Colored pencil

On your next card, delight your recipient by giving a stamped image “atmosphere” by way of a sky full of pretty clouds!



Autumn Scenes (WC Pencil)

Five gorgeous colorful fall landscapes will make your fall stamps come alive – foxes in sweaters, and so much more!



Autumn Scenes (COPIC)

Create spectacular backgrounds for the fall season in this alcohol marker class. Enjoy some pumpkin spice whie you learn!


Autumn Scenes (PENCIL)

Taught in a sketchbook, 5 pretty fall scenes can easily be used for cards – autumn themed, birthday, and even halloween!



Not all stamps are created to be outdoors – give a setting to those that are inside!

Holiday Interiors

Sit down with the lessons in this class to learn how to provide indoor settings for the holiday season. Christmas trees, fireplaces, and more will make it a cozy one!


Blueprints I

Learn to draw interior scenes in perspective – with the help of “blueprints” – guidelines to follow to get the angles and locations of furniture correct.


You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade and that’s kind of the same thing. 

Not everything’s a card…

Here’s a few projects to consider when all your cardmaking is caught up. *lol

Creative Holiday Tags

60 videos in this course will show creative ways to make all the tags you need for Christmas – or any time of year! Just adapt colors and stamps to suit the occasion.


Scripture Gift Mini Books Class

Craft your heart out making inspirational books to give as gifts! Use the templates provided or replace verses with printouts of your own to encourage a friend.


Wintry courses

Working on your seasonal cards all year? Get a jump on it!

Winter Wonderland (Copic)

Grab your markers and sit down to create five chilly scenes perfect for the holidays or just for a wintry setting for a favorite stamp – bundle them up in a scarf!


Winter Wonderland (Pencil)

Learn to make soft frosty trees and more in this class to celebrate the season of the year. Add your own stamped images to give them a focal point.


City Sidewalks (Copic)

Take your stamps into town in wintertime as you create scenes for them! Some include holiday elements, but remove those for season-long cardmaking.


Winter Watercolor Bookmarks

Sit down to practice winter painting techniques – skies, trees and snow that’ll teach you far more than that about watercolor!


Winter Storybook Scenes  (Alcohol marker)

Alcohol markers can create lovely stylized art – learn how in this class! Simply drawn shapes make for a whimsical kind of card.


Christmas Berries in Watercolor

Learn to make leaves and berries in traditional watercolor in this course. Turn backgrounds into cards, or paint wreaths that will let your friends and family know just how much you care this season.


Simply Christmas (Watercolor)

Sometimes…simple says it all! In this intermediate mini course, learn to simplify brush strokes down to their bare essence to create clean and simple holiday cards sure to please your recipients.


Be sure to also check the category for your favorite medium in the menu bar – not everything could fit on this one page!