Copic Camping Scenes: Preclass

In this course, as an intermediate student. colors can be up to you—make your mountains, trees, skies, and tents any color you like! You may well have all the supplies needed for this course….sweet, huh?


The colors shown in this photo are the ones used to create the drawings in the lessons.

A few caveats about some not-often-used colors: You can sub some greys for the BV29/BV25/BV23 (a grey with a 9, 5, and 3 at the end)….the BVs were choseng to give a cool purpley blue to the tones but you’ll see how you can adapt the color you have to change it. The RV66 and RV55 are mode desaturated dark pinks than many people use – but you’ll see the value of them in the desert lesson! The dark browns, greens, blues – all those you can substitute as desired.

Other supplies

To create a border around the paper, demos have white artist tape around the edges – it does NOT keep bleeding away entirely, since the ink seeps under the paper (things like watercolor live on top of paper, but not Copics.) But this tape IS used for masking trees in one lesson – using a 1/2″ piece of tape and cutting it to appropriate tree trunk size. You can try another tape if you like, but I love this stuff. 🙂

A white gel pen is always needed, if you know me and my classes! Minimally for this course, but used.

The roll on the left in the photo is Eclipse Tape (available on Amazon but can be cheaper here) – it’s used for creating the tents. Copic bleeds through, and you’ll get tips on keeping that to a dull roar (lol)….you’ll want to use a Copic-safe pen of some kind to draw the tent on it – here it’s a Staedtler but a Multiliner or Sharpie will be just fine, any size. And scissors of some kind to trim out the tents.

Bonus video

As I worked on designing and filming the lessons in this class, something felt….off. It was mostly the final lesson, but one other had a campfire too…but the dusk and night scenes bugged me the most. So I did some research – and here’s the results: