The classes on this website are developed to allow students to progress from one level to another as they grow in artistic skills. More are added at each level over time, so subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to hear about new classes.

Novices, levels 1 & 2

Level 1: The “Jumpstart” and “101” classes here are intended especially to make a medium understandable to someone who hasn’t ever tried it before, or tried with poor success rates. The properties of the medium are explained, basic techniques to use it, and a foundation of color theory and dimension are included.

Level 2: These courses assume a little basic understanding. Some courses will review foundations but from a different perspective.

Some students arrive at this site midway in the journey. It’s entirely ok to skip levels or jump in higher than you think you’re ready for – if you find it’s over your head, you can always sign up for an earlier level class and work your way back up. Some who have experience may find it helpful to take a Level 1 class to review basics; some have found that being self-taught on the medium has left gaps in their foundations, and a Level 1 course can clear those up quickly.

Intermediate students, levels 3 & 4

Level 3: Mini Courses – Developed to make growing in skills a tantalizing step in the artistic journey! The mini courses are cost-effective, contain 5 short lessons, and are intended for those moving out of the beginner level classes. They’re taught in non-intimidating ways—but they start with a blank sheet of paper! (No stamps, cardmakers!) For many this is a first venture into creating something on a white piece of paper, and an exciting one.

Level 4: These courses are more in-depth at an intermediate level, assuming competency and confidence in both the medium and artistic foundations. Basic drawing skills are needed, covered in Drawing 101; often when we aren’t able to proceed to grow in our art, it’s the underlying drawing or art foundations that have been skipped over.

Advanced students, level 5

Level 5: Advanced courses assume experience with the medium and with the ability to draw. Line drawings to work from may or may not be provided in these classes.