14 December

Copic Coloring: Human Rainbow I

The “human rainbow” is a celebration of the diversity of ethnicities – and an initiative begun by instructor Sandy Allnock to encourage people to go beyond typical coloring of the artist’s own skin and hair color. YouTube videos show some light diving into coloring with diversity in mind, and it’s high time we had a class giving more detailed information and instruction!

Prerequisite: Copic Jumpstart Class or equivalent experience

In this class, there are 10 lessons; most will be “zooming in” on a particular section of the main class image, a woman carrying two bags.

  1. Medium skin, short wavy hair
  2. Caucasian skin, long braided haiar
  3. Pale skin, short straight hair
  4. African skin, natural African hair
  5. Scarves, shirt, and sweater
  6. Purse and skirts
  7. Pants and shoes
  8. Copic bag and markers
  9. Complete figure 1
  10. Complete figure 2


16 February

Copic Hex Art

Print out the hex grid and the handouts – let’s get busy coloring! Click on each lesson below, and once “complete,” move on to the next lesson. You can always …

16 April

Copic Jumpstart

Whether you’re new to Copic markers or have years of experience under your belt, this class will help you understand how to choose markers – and how to use them! Everything from basic blending techniques to shading and color theory will inspire your Copic art in this class. Many downloadable handouts will help you test and practice your blending and color combinations, and you’ll use these swatch sheets for years to come.