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  • Water Soluble Marker Conversion Chart

    Convert 20 colors in four brands of water-soluble markers (Tombow, Marvy, ZIG, Distress) with this free chart! Blank chart included in case your printer can print on watercolor paper…

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  • Watercolor Backgrounds for Cardmakers

    This course is for cardmaking artists who want to explore watercolor…not necessarily paint an object, but to learn to use the wonderful properties of watercolor to create beautiful backgrounds…

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  • Watercolor Jumpstart

    Watercolor Jumpstart class is an excellent start to a watercolor journey – or a supplement to one already begun! Class is conducted within a sketchbook —much less intimidating than…

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  • Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart

    Learn the basics of watercolor pencils – application, color theory, shading, techniques, and more!

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  • Whimsical Patterns

    In this relaxing, self-paced Whimsical Patterns class, you’ll be treated to five lessons showing how to create fun and relaxing patterns using white and metallic pens on black paper….

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  • Whimsical Sketching Class

    Are you a doodler? Or a doodler wannabe? In this relaxing, self-paced Whimsical Sketching class, you’ll be treated to five lessons – in real-time – showing how to draw…

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