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  • Color Swatch Sheets

    Download 5 one-page blank charts to test various color combinations – print on the paper needed for the medium you choose!

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  • Colored Pencil Jumpstart

    Understand and appreciate your colored pencils in entirely new ways – study color theory as well as techniques that will increase your artistic skills! Fine artists and crafters have…

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  • Copic Blending Groups

    Download a blank and colored-in PDF of Sandy’s favorite basic color combinations…and color one of your own!

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  • Copic Coloring: Human Rainbow I

    The “human rainbow” is a celebration of the diversity of ethnicities – and an initiative begun by instructor Sandy Allnock to encourage people to go beyond typical coloring of…

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  • Copic Hex Art

    Once conquering the basics of Copic markers, it’s time to dive in and learn how to use different marker application techniques to advance your art skills! In this class…

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  • Copic Hex Chart

    Purchase a downloadable hex chart for Copic markers – both a blank one and color one so you can track what you have – and might like to get,…

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  • Copic Jumpstart

    Learn to understand Copic markers, color theory, and techniques to raise your game as a Copic colorist! Appropriate for stampers, but fine artists have loved this class – drawing…

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  • Daniel Smith Half Pan Sets – Swatch Paintings

    Swatch paintings of Daniel Smith half-pan sets, color lists, and suggested colors to complete the palettes. No blank pages are included to paint in.

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  • Designing Holiday Card Backgrounds

    In this intermediate Copic class, 5 lessons will teach techniques for designing scenes for Christmas cards. The content is drawn from videos already made public on YouTube; scene videos…

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