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  • 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

    This free class, experienced over the course of 40 days (one new lesson revealed each day at the same time of day that you registered for it), will walk…

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  • Autumn Leaves – Colored Pencil

    Learn to color fall leaves in colored pencil on toned paper – in THREE hours of video!

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  • Autumn Leaves – Copic

    Learn to color fall leaves in Copic marker on toned paper – in three hours of video!

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  • Bible Journaling 101

    In this course, a basic overview of what Bible journaling is – and the art mediums that will and won’t work – are covered, to get your journey with…

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  • Blue Skies: Watercolor and Copic

    Learn how to create the same scenes in both watercolor and Copic marker by purchasing both classes together! In each intermediate class, lessons will teach techniques for painting blue…

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  • Casting Shadows

    This course is an intermediate study of the way light interacts with objects. We begin with the “science” or “math” of triangulating from light sources – but most of…

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  • Clearly Copic: Coloring Glass

    This advanced Copic marker class teaches ten different glass images —line drawings are provided, or students may sketch their own glass objects to apply the techniques taught in class.

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  • Colored Pencil Jumpstart

    Understand and appreciate your colored pencils in entirely new ways – study color theory as well as techniques that will increase your artistic skills! Fine artists and crafters have…

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  • Copic Coloring: Human Rainbow I

    The “human rainbow” is a celebration of the diversity of ethnicities – and an initiative begun by instructor Sandy Allnock to encourage people to go beyond typical coloring of…

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